Friday, 12 December 2014


This blog will remain here, for a wee while at least, but we'd direct you to our shiny new website

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pre-release Posters

One size for FACEBOOK and one size for TWITTER.
If you're a FLASHDOG feel free to use them but make sure to credit @tamrogers when you do!
We're getting closer folks!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Your FlashDogs prompt...


We're here!

This prompt is for FlashDog writers only.

Tam has so many cool photos it was hard to choose one. Maybe she'll let us plunder further in the future.

You have until Sunday 2nd November to complete a 500 to 1500 word story based on the above picture.

One story only please.

We know you'll be awesome and see things that we can't yet see.

Can't wait to read them.

Thank you once again to the awesome...

Once More, With Clarity...

Hi Folks!

 Shake Dog Shakes here - king of verbosity.

I've twisted you all up in knots with talks of golden tickets and word limits haven't I?

Right - as the title suggests here is a clearer version of where we are at!

1. Have you been invited to participate?
  • Yes - I know I have (Great! Glad you're in!)

  • I'm not sure and I am scared and confused (Oh no! Get it touch via @flashdogs or and we'll do our best to make it all okay!)

  • No - and I'm very sad (Don't be - FlashDogs is here to stay and, quality control aside, you're as in as you want to be. This, we hope, is the first of many anthologies. In the meantime, welcome to the pack!)
2. What does participating actually entail?

2.1 'Open' Submissions
  • You submit your 'best' work as an example or examples of your Flash style. You have until mid-October to do this and many already have.
  • The word limit is 5000 words maximum for 1 long story.
  • If you only write sub 500 worders you can opt to submit up to 3 stories of roughly 1500 words in total.
  • Look at previous posts for the full details.
2.1i Why all the options?

  • We're inclusive - originally it was 1 story only but that excluded our very short fiction writing friends and that's just not cricket.
  • This way, people get the chance to share equal page space - or that's the hope.
2.2 'Prompt Submissions

  • You MUST complete a story to go with a picture prompt and instructions that will be posted separately on 28/09/2014 to get into the book.
  • @tamrogers Tamara Rogers has kindly agreed to provide the picture. This is a coup as Tam is a HUGE talent in a number of creative fields.
  • The prompt is to mimic the way Flash Friday, Flash Frenzy & Summer of Super Short Stories work - a myriad of amazing styles from diverse writers all from 1 little prompt. A showcase for the power of Flash. A statement of authenticity. A marker that says - 'this form is here to stay!'
  • Plus Karl insisted upon it!
2.2i So how many stories will I get in?

  • 1 long story plus the prompt story (2 in total)
  • Up to 3 sub-500 word stories plus the prompt story (2 - 4 stories in total)
3 I think I get it now - is that it?

  • NO!
  • You will be required to proof read and edit someone else's submissions as part of the process.
  • No, I have no idea how that will work!
  • You will need a four line bio.
  • You may / may not need a photo - I will check with Emily as she's putting it together.
  • We need other jobs doing - some have volunteered already like Avelina and Pam.
  • We'll list the jobs as they crop up.
4 Copyright and Legal

  • Possibly our weakest area at the moment so we are being cautious.
  • Make sure that you have FULL copyright to your 'open' submission - if it has been published elsewhere check the T&Cs carefully - it would be a shame to have to pull the book and get into a dispute because of an oversight.
  • This is why we don't want any images with your open stories at the moment - make sure that your story stands alone without any original prompt if coming from a competition.
  • YOU will retain full copyright over anything you submit BUT we ask that the PROMPT story remains exclusive to the book for 12 months from publication date. We'll cry if you don't stick to that. Okay?
5 Someone mentioned a Charity?

  • You aint getting paid!
  • We are doing this to promote Flash, our community and for the fun of it (yeah - fun? !)
  • Why not aid a good cause too?
  • I have no idea how we do that apart from suggest a site to donate to in the foreword
  • The book will be a 'free' download on the digital platforms - Amazon Kindle seems a good place to start - we could use our collective influences and connections to get it reviewed and charting.

6. You'd better go away and get on with the prompt page hadn't you?

  • Yeah - you're right. Laters!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Are You In?

So - the golden tickets have begun to fly out and the acceptances wing their way back to FlashDogs HQ.

You want to know what to do.

You want to know that we're not making it all up as we go along ?

We ARE making it all up as we go along - that's just the way of FLASH isn't it?

However - I can tell you this:

  • You won't be paid! This is for the love of Flash and a charitable donation will be optional for the end reader.
  • We still need to decide which charity / charities to will be consulted.
  • We need an example of your best short fiction. Doesn't have to be new. It may have appeared in loads of other places BUT - you must have retained full copyright and be out of any exclusivity window.
  • We do not require exclusivity for this piece - copyright remains with you.
  • Any accompanying artwork must be your own original stuff and again must not infringe any other copyright. If it belongs to a third party we need to know they're willing to have it in our books.
  • Please - no fan fiction or characters that may be subject to trademark and licensing agreements etc!
  • You can submit up to 3 short pieces totalling no more than 1500 words or 1 longer piece between 1500 and 5000 words.
  • The editors (when we appoint them) can accept the piece as it is, make suggested changes to be negotiated or simply refuse the piece as a valid contribution.
  • All pieces should be e-mailed to
  • You're going to ask me about formatting aren't you? I don't know do I? STANDARD in an easily opened doc or docx or whatever - use a converter. I'll get someone more technical to add to this by Friday!
  • We need your open submissions by October 17th at the latest. If that's a problem let us know sooner rather than later eh?

  • This is intended to showcase the range of styles, skills and interpretations of the same prompt that make the work on our beloved competition sites such thrilling reading.
  • You MUST complete a story from the prompt to have your open submission included.
  • The prompt will be posted HERE Sunday 28th September - once we've decided what it will be!
  • You'll have at least a month and we'll tell you the deadline on Sunday (once we've decided that too!)
  • Likely length will be 500 - 1000 words.
  • We will require 12 months exclusivity for this piece - something that only appears in our book.
  • We'll accept a pinky promise and WILL set the dogs on you if your break it.

We will publish short bios above your stories. A little like a TWITTER bio - be creative but focus on YOU as a WRITER. Keep it short. 4 lines is about right but nobody is counting too closely.


  • I (Shakes) am just the ideas man - as you can see from above I'm pretty clueless. I just want to be in an e-book my mum can download and show off to her friends!
  • If you can also support with formatting, cover art and the legal gumph that would be awesome!
  • If you've suggestions post them in the comments below.


Shake Dog Shakes.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Golden Ticket Time

Hi Folks!

Shakes here.

It's Golden Ticket Time...

We will be finalising the list and sending out the invites for the first publication this week...

A reminder of the basics:
FlashDogs is a movement of Flash Writers - therefore anyone can call themselves one.
Anyone can follow @FlashDogs (we'll do our best to keep an eye on events and encourage/reward good FlashDog behaviour)
@FlashDogs might choose to follow people or add them to lists
This Blog is currently the 'official' place for announcements
The first anthology must have a limit, like all good things do.
It'll be based on involvement in the three main comps - FF, Hourglass & LC, encouragement of others, providing feedback and raising awareness of comps etc.
If you're not invited this time - you'll make it in to the next one!
You'll be hearing from us soon.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Blimey, it's snowballing already!

Welcome to a tired Monday.

Thanks for the stunning interest in the project!

It's a collective thing, but already threatening to topple over!

I have had some great questions that need serious consideration:

Q1) Who will be published?
Q2) Does writing for the Hourglass or Flash!Friday qualify you?
Q3) Can I just declare myself a FlashDog and get in?

A1) Good question - we can't just publish everyone that wants to be published in the first (did I really say first?!) book. That said...
A2) I don't know about the rest of you, but FlashDogs shouldn't be an 'exclusive' club - anyone could / should join.
That said - this time round I think the FlashDogs anthology should be limited to the Hourglass / FF / Luminous Creatures AND regular tweeters that make up our merry band.
How we draw up THAT list is still fraught with danger and the possibility of offence!

A3) You want to be a FlashDog? Earn your collar. Put the work in - you can be included next time.

Q4) How long can the personal piece be?

A4) How does maximum of 5000 words sound? 3000 if it sounds too long. As we are flash writers that may be a tall order, so if you only do short pieces how about a maximum of three submissions, so long as they total less than 1500 words combined?

Q5) Age restrictions?

A5)Ideally we would want the e book to be accessible to 12+ or 15+ but that might limit some of us?
Are we going to ban swear words? Certain swear words? Graphic content?

I don't know.

I wanted to include Witch Pegs? How would you rate that? A woman and probably a child have a piece of wood rammed in their eye sockets? !

Your answers on a sealed envelope below please!