Monday, 15 September 2014

Blimey, it's snowballing already!

Welcome to a tired Monday.

Thanks for the stunning interest in the project!

It's a collective thing, but already threatening to topple over!

I have had some great questions that need serious consideration:

Q1) Who will be published?
Q2) Does writing for the Hourglass or Flash!Friday qualify you?
Q3) Can I just declare myself a FlashDog and get in?

A1) Good question - we can't just publish everyone that wants to be published in the first (did I really say first?!) book. That said...
A2) I don't know about the rest of you, but FlashDogs shouldn't be an 'exclusive' club - anyone could / should join.
That said - this time round I think the FlashDogs anthology should be limited to the Hourglass / FF / Luminous Creatures AND regular tweeters that make up our merry band.
How we draw up THAT list is still fraught with danger and the possibility of offence!

A3) You want to be a FlashDog? Earn your collar. Put the work in - you can be included next time.

Q4) How long can the personal piece be?

A4) How does maximum of 5000 words sound? 3000 if it sounds too long. As we are flash writers that may be a tall order, so if you only do short pieces how about a maximum of three submissions, so long as they total less than 1500 words combined?

Q5) Age restrictions?

A5)Ideally we would want the e book to be accessible to 12+ or 15+ but that might limit some of us?
Are we going to ban swear words? Certain swear words? Graphic content?

I don't know.

I wanted to include Witch Pegs? How would you rate that? A woman and probably a child have a piece of wood rammed in their eye sockets? !

Your answers on a sealed envelope below please!

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