Monday, 22 September 2014

Golden Ticket Time

Hi Folks!

Shakes here.

It's Golden Ticket Time...

We will be finalising the list and sending out the invites for the first publication this week...

A reminder of the basics:
FlashDogs is a movement of Flash Writers - therefore anyone can call themselves one.
Anyone can follow @FlashDogs (we'll do our best to keep an eye on events and encourage/reward good FlashDog behaviour)
@FlashDogs might choose to follow people or add them to lists
This Blog is currently the 'official' place for announcements
The first anthology must have a limit, like all good things do.
It'll be based on involvement in the three main comps - FF, Hourglass & LC, encouragement of others, providing feedback and raising awareness of comps etc.
If you're not invited this time - you'll make it in to the next one!
You'll be hearing from us soon.

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