Sunday, 28 September 2014

Once More, With Clarity...

Hi Folks!

 Shake Dog Shakes here - king of verbosity.

I've twisted you all up in knots with talks of golden tickets and word limits haven't I?

Right - as the title suggests here is a clearer version of where we are at!

1. Have you been invited to participate?
  • Yes - I know I have (Great! Glad you're in!)

  • I'm not sure and I am scared and confused (Oh no! Get it touch via @flashdogs or and we'll do our best to make it all okay!)

  • No - and I'm very sad (Don't be - FlashDogs is here to stay and, quality control aside, you're as in as you want to be. This, we hope, is the first of many anthologies. In the meantime, welcome to the pack!)
2. What does participating actually entail?

2.1 'Open' Submissions
  • You submit your 'best' work as an example or examples of your Flash style. You have until mid-October to do this and many already have.
  • The word limit is 5000 words maximum for 1 long story.
  • If you only write sub 500 worders you can opt to submit up to 3 stories of roughly 1500 words in total.
  • Look at previous posts for the full details.
2.1i Why all the options?

  • We're inclusive - originally it was 1 story only but that excluded our very short fiction writing friends and that's just not cricket.
  • This way, people get the chance to share equal page space - or that's the hope.
2.2 'Prompt Submissions

  • You MUST complete a story to go with a picture prompt and instructions that will be posted separately on 28/09/2014 to get into the book.
  • @tamrogers Tamara Rogers has kindly agreed to provide the picture. This is a coup as Tam is a HUGE talent in a number of creative fields.
  • The prompt is to mimic the way Flash Friday, Flash Frenzy & Summer of Super Short Stories work - a myriad of amazing styles from diverse writers all from 1 little prompt. A showcase for the power of Flash. A statement of authenticity. A marker that says - 'this form is here to stay!'
  • Plus Karl insisted upon it!
2.2i So how many stories will I get in?

  • 1 long story plus the prompt story (2 in total)
  • Up to 3 sub-500 word stories plus the prompt story (2 - 4 stories in total)
3 I think I get it now - is that it?

  • NO!
  • You will be required to proof read and edit someone else's submissions as part of the process.
  • No, I have no idea how that will work!
  • You will need a four line bio.
  • You may / may not need a photo - I will check with Emily as she's putting it together.
  • We need other jobs doing - some have volunteered already like Avelina and Pam.
  • We'll list the jobs as they crop up.
4 Copyright and Legal

  • Possibly our weakest area at the moment so we are being cautious.
  • Make sure that you have FULL copyright to your 'open' submission - if it has been published elsewhere check the T&Cs carefully - it would be a shame to have to pull the book and get into a dispute because of an oversight.
  • This is why we don't want any images with your open stories at the moment - make sure that your story stands alone without any original prompt if coming from a competition.
  • YOU will retain full copyright over anything you submit BUT we ask that the PROMPT story remains exclusive to the book for 12 months from publication date. We'll cry if you don't stick to that. Okay?
5 Someone mentioned a Charity?

  • You aint getting paid!
  • We are doing this to promote Flash, our community and for the fun of it (yeah - fun? !)
  • Why not aid a good cause too?
  • I have no idea how we do that apart from suggest a site to donate to in the foreword
  • The book will be a 'free' download on the digital platforms - Amazon Kindle seems a good place to start - we could use our collective influences and connections to get it reviewed and charting.

6. You'd better go away and get on with the prompt page hadn't you?

  • Yeah - you're right. Laters!

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